Currently Reading

I won’t have finished anything for a few days, but I’m currently reading a few things.  They aren’t all related to Australia, sadly, but I’ll knock out some reviews and then get back on track for this thing.

The Infinite Book by John D Barrow – I’m reading this because I picked it up cheap, and because I want to encourage myself to revise my mathematical skills.  There were changes to the curriculum when I was studying at school several times, so I yo-yo-ed between the top and bottom classes constantly.  I have heard that it’s not so good if you know a lot on the subject of the infinite, but I’m certainly remembering things as I go.

The Night Manager by John LeCarre – This one, I am reading because I keep buying my partner LeCarre novels.  We have far too many doubles, so it’s my duty to read them all at least once.  I really enjoyed Tinker Tailor and Smiley’s People, so I’m looking forward to this.

An Arthurian trilogy lent to me by a gaming friend.  I think it’s Crossley-Holland’s, but I’m not 100% sure.  I’m not allowed to look at them till I’ve caught up with my other reading.   (edit: Oh how embarrassing, it’s Bernard Cromwell’s Warlord Chronicles!  It’s been about six years since I read any Arthurian based fantasy, so I’m quite excited.)

I have a pile of publications on women and gender in archaeology that I’m also planning on getting to soon, though I imagine that most people reading this will be less interested in those things.


2 thoughts on “Currently Reading”

  1. tut tut tut getting the author wrong 😛 As stated when loaned, they should be good, but don’t blame me if you don’t enjoy them. And I do believe there is more George Macdonald-Fraser to be loaned

    1. Oh I do hope there is more Macdonald-Fraser! In my defense, I haven’t tripped into Arthurian books in about six years, and the authors’ names do both start with a “C”. Eheh. I’m very flattered that you’ve hunted me down here, if nothing else. And I’m really enjoying the more visceral and realistic perspectives in Cromwell’s stuff. It’s funny how far away from T.H.White’s stuff this is, given how much I love both of these interpretations of Arthurian mythos.

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