Lifeline Bookfair!

It’s time for the bi-annual pilgrimage by bus for me this weekend.  One transfer is all that lies between my bedside reading pile and the secondhand lifeline charity bookfair.  This year looks bigger than last, and far more exciting.  I haven’t created a long list, and I’m not going to spend as much as I did six months ago, but I’ve still got my hopes up for the following:

Bernard Cornwell’s Warlord Chronicles (Since I’ve only got a borrowed set)
George Macdonald Fraser’s Flashman (I’ve got one or two, but more is always nice)
The missing Spiderwick Chronicles (Volume 2)
Archaeology (I’ve lucked out with journals and site reports in the past)
Crime fiction
Neal Stephenson
Rudy Rucker (I’m not very sure I’ll find any of his, but hope springs eternal)

In the past I’ve restricted myself to accidentally stocking up on quadruples of old leCarre novels, but I think we’ve got nearly all of them now.  Thanks to the scope of this blog and some free time, I’m instead going to keep my eyes out for hilarious and amusing incidences of ‘archaeology’.  Given the popularity of procedural forensic crime series, I imagine I’ll be in for a bit of fun and a lot of angry exclamations.  I’ll update here once I’ve run the gauntlet of the counting tables and emerged stumbling and triumphant down the steps of the bus home.


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