Currently Reading

In a pre-bookfair fit of reader’s guilt, I must confess to the books I intend to complete reading before I dive in to my new purchases.

1. Excalibur by Bernard Cornwell – finishing off this trilogy is going to be wonderful, but I’m a little scared to let go of the characters.

2. The Night Manager by John leCarre – I spent a bus trip nearly squirming in delight from the dialogue, and want to read this right now.

3. Clans of the Alphane Moon by Phillip K. Dick – because I think I’m in love with a Ganymedean slime mould called Lord Running Clam.  I am actually quite near the end of this, to be honest.

4. The Collected Adventures of Sherlock Holmes by Arthur Conan Doyle – because I bought this a few lifelines ago and I’ve been introduced to the BBC remake miniseries recently.  It’s harcover, tactile and wonderful, and a facsimile with illustrations.  I think I’ll just lie around swooning over the binding and flyleaf and forget to get around to actually reading it.


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