Lifeline Bookfair in Spotlight

All right, so instead of reading I’ve just been sitting around eyeing my piles of loot from the bookfair and smirking and feeling generally wealthy in a literal sense.  But I’ve at least been reading search results idly in the meantime.

What do others blog about going to the bookfair for?  There aren’t many posts so far, but there were some interesting things being said.

For reference books and sewing skills: The Shopping Sherpa

For papercraft, scuplture and other wonderful book loving agendas: Art & Etc

And, like me here, just for the bookish bookness of it: Melicious

I knew theoretically that people travelled far and wide to get to the bookfair, and that it was a prime source not only for reading material but for craft material, and other versatile affordable re-purposing of paper.  But to know in theory and to be reading about it is another thing entirely.  I suspect part of this comes from living in Canberra, and having a lot of federal political news overshadow local news and events in the media.  People love Lifeline, people love books, and I’ve got a warm feeling deep down in my cold India-rubber academic heart from it all.


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