A Challenging Commitment


Alphabet 03
Image by Leo Reynolds via Flickr


I’m not yet very well networked with the book blogging community, and the further I read bookblogs the more I notice challenges.

Some of them seem quite odd and simple; read one Japanese book, for example, is a challenge that baffles me a little.  Why not two, or even five?  Others seem to be interesting ideas, but also a little pointless for me to undertake.  Why register for a challenge to read between three and twenty novels that are historically themed when it won’t be challenging or in any way deviating from my comfort zone?

The challenges themselves are a great idea, of course; I simply have never been sure if they’ve been appropriate for me.  But I stumbled across Bibliobabe’s list of challenges and I’ve decided I might as well pick one challenge to see out the year with.  It may be a little ambitious, but I’m going to take the A to Z challenge, hosted by Becky.  It will add a bit of a challenge to my traditionally haphazard reading habits, and hopefully make me venture out of my comfort zone and into sections of my bookshelves that I have been meaning to visit but never quite got around to.  I won’t count any books I’m currently reading, so there may be a lag of a couple of weeks before my list begins to update, but I’m planning on starting with the least common letters and then relaxing into the easier ones.


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