Joy and Despair

I despair.  People in my life keep on getting Kindles.  With the same speccy and attractive – though deadly leathered – booklight functional covers.  I am resolved to hunt down my ideal affordable and functional non-Kindle ebook reader, but until then I am being taunted and tempted from all sides.  I am torn between recommending good ebooks and preaching to those around me about my anti-copy-protection passions.  Perhaps I should simply link everyone to Cory Doctorow’s essays on the topic?

In more joyful news, I’ve been linked to from the Australian Book Blogger Directory.  I think I already link to them in my sidebar, but they’re worth another plug.  They sort Australian based and focused book blogs by geographical location and other topic headers, and it’s a great site to use to find like-minded bloggers. Aside from my own love of geographical and cultural based perspectives on reading, it’s good to read book reviews written by people who are immersed in some way with the bookish community I’ve grown up with.  While internationally based bloggers are fun to read, there’s so many differences in global publishing industries that you can almost taste the flavour of it in the TBR piles and book reviews (as well as the language used to discuss and compare books).  Reading an Australian book blog is like wearing an old and comfy coat. Like home.

Also quite joyful is my mother-in-common-law dropping around.  She, yes, also has a Kindle.  But she asked me to whip out my tape measure and guesstimate the ideal size and shape for some nice bookshelves.  I suspect that on Christmas day my partner will be given the delicious gift of shelving!  I am considering shelves and categories and really getting a bit too caught up in the meta-glee of bibliophilia.


One thought on “Joy and Despair”

  1. Thanks so much for posting about Australian Book Blogger Directory! I do like finding new to me Australian bloggers, and starting to follow them.

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