Flailing and Glee

National Library of Australia
The NLA by R. Wick via Wikipedia

The flailing is a result of having just under ten books left to read for the A to Z challenge, and just six days to finish reviewing all of them.  I knew I would procrastinate, and now I have, and suddenly there are no books by any Ws or Vs… until I go to Project Gutenberg, find and finish those letters.  At which point I notice Jack Vance and John White and all manner of others.  Still, I’ve read some very cool books I’d never have hunted down otherwise, and I’m very happy about that.

I’m less than happy about ‘O’, which I thought would be pretty easy to find.  But at least there’s a William Gibson novel between me and worrying too much.

I feel huge glee over not one but two links I have to share (though I hope a lot of you have already seen these somewhere about the place).

The first is most obvious, The State Library of Queensland gave digital public domain copies of a whole bunch of pictures to Wikimedia.  It’s presumably been done with already public domain images to make Queensland look better online, but I am very much digging both the creative commons friendliness and the idea of having a lot of images of Queensland and Queenslanders out there dispelling stereotypes about Australians. I still get told I can’t be Australian occasionally, because I don’t sound or look like a stereotype (though far less now I no longer work in a shop).

The second is Trove.  Trove is a searchable database of digital copies of Australian books, magazines, music, newspapers, maps, backed-up websites, diaries, and letters.  Its aim is to facilitate an ease of informing oneself about Australian history through specially constructed search engines and freely accessible information.  I am excited both about researching history (newspapers can be a big help in, for example, gold rush or colonial historical archaeology, and maps are just damn special and wonderful) and knitting patterns.  There’s a lot of fun that could be had from snooping around diaries.  Head on over, have a poke around, and see what rad things you can find!


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