New Years Resolutions

I have a few of the usual, of course.  Do more research personally in my free time.  Ride my bike more and write more.  These aren’t really New Year specific resolutions, more like the promises and affirmations I make to myself all year round.  I haven’t tried to make a real ‘New Year’s Resolution’ since I was in primary school and it was a part of the culture in my peer group.

This year, I’ve done a lot more blogging than in the past, and with it has come a couple of blogging resolutions I hope I’ll be able to sustain.  The first and most important is to decide on a more useful and accessible way to list the books I’ve reviewed in the past.  I’ve seen it done with a fiction/non-fiction split, using library catalogue numbers (most commonly Dewey Decimal).  I’ve seen it done categorically with relation to the focus of the blog, with on-topic and off-topic lists.  I’m going to have to actually compile some of my topical lists and post them.  I’m going to have to decide on an organisational system that suits what I’m doing.

The second is in relation to the availability of public domain and creative commons images online.  I’ve been using the WordPress Zemanta widget that suggests images based on the content of the posts, but that results in a few things.  White surrounding the image automatically, and often image results that have little to do with my actual topics.  My resolution here is to recharge my own camera batteries more regularly and take pictures to accompany my blogs by my very own self (or search down free use images myself without relying on a widget).  I have also been a little shy of using images of book covers because like many small bloggers I’m a bit concerned about copyright, fair use, and the scary hammer of a DMCA takedown notice being arbitrarily brought down upon my head.  As part of my attempt to do a real job of visual content, I’m going to read up on fair use and hopefully start sharing more pictures of the books I’m reading hardcopy.

Finally I’m going to do the responsible thing and post pages on my reviewing policy (though I mainly read the books in my house, it’s good to disclose things) and comments policy (because I’ve had some weird experiences commenting on others’ blogs and now recognise the importance of clear comment guidelines in a world of spam)

I’m mainly posting this so that it’s out here, and if any of my small and lovely readership notice I’m slipping they can simply slap me on the wrist.  Please slap me on the wrist, or anywhere non-gender-specific that you like, if you see anything slipping on my blog.


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