The Canberra Booktrack

There’s been several versions of the Canberra Booktrack pamphlet released, detailing the independent, local booksellers in the area.  There’s some good ones that are just a tiny bit out of the way, and they’re really worth a visit.

Now, there’s a website, which is exciting for information’s sake, but I imagine for anyone with web-capable phones this makes the list a lot more accessible.The one thing the website seems to lack when compared to the pamphlet, is a map of all the stores at once.  Since they’re listed alphabetically rather than geographically, it may take a bit of clicking around to find the store closest to you.

I haven’t visited every store on the list yet, but I hope to.  I blame some of the stores closer to my home, for occupying my time (and wallet) more often than not.  We can’t compete with bigger places like Melbourne for choice and price, but we don’t do too bad here either.  It’s important to keep in mind, however, that local independent bookstores aren’t included by default – they must join the Booktrack to be included – and there’s still a lot of other awesome book and comic stores in Canberra to hunt down that aren’t mentioned in the guide.  I’ll try to visit and cover some of them here in the next year.


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