Archaeology in a DVD store

Today I post off-topic and discuss no books at all (except for films based on books).  Yes, in the Special Interest section of JB-Hifi Belconnen is an ‘Archaeology’ section.  Inside this section was:

Ong Bak 3 – third in a series of martial arts films in which a spiritual artefact of great value is stolen.  I’ve only seen Ong Bak 1, so I have no idea about the archaeological content of the film, but it seemed odd for ‘special interest.’

Egypt – a box set of a pretty, well-filmed documentary series, on Egyptology, which IS NOT ARCHAEOLOGY, even if you interview archaeologists as part of the whole thing.  This was actually the closest to archaeology in the section.

Several unofficial films describing the secrets behind The DaVinci Code film and book – I recall a classics faculty seminar on historical innacuracy in The DaVinci Code from my undergraduate degree.  I don’t remember there ever being any archaeology, since The DaVinci Code’s main (falsified at times) resources were documents, which makes this historical.

Explaining The Secret – it’s psychology, mentalism, bullshittery… maybe even sociology, but it’s not archaeology.

Dinosaurs – that’s palaeontology, folks!

I’m a bit baffled.  If they established an ‘archaeology’ section, why not include box sets of Time Team, or put the historical DVDs into a historical section?  Did the employees at JB HiFi Belconnen classify these, or is there some idiot distributing cataloguer out there, tagging everything eagerly with ‘archaeology’?  I’m a little chuffed to see fiction being included, less happy about how none of the popular films about archaeologists seem to be shelved there (Indiana Jones, The Mummy, Tomb Raider, Stargate), and very unhappy about what was on the shelf.

Still, in the same way that the procedural crime shows I watch aren’t really made for forensic scientists, I bet the section of shelving and the shows held within weren’t really made with Archaeologists – or historians, Egyptologists, palaeontologists and martial artists – in mind.  Good for a laugh, though.


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