Gearing up again

I’ve tried a couple of times to get back into blogging, but studying and then working was full on. I’ve been cataloguing for two and a half years, and I’ve learned so much about books and libraries, but also so much about the world. In cataloguing, you need to give every single book an equal level of neutral description, to provide the best access possible.

I learned in my first month on the job, as well read as I thought I was, I was still living in a heavily curated and selective world. My own bookshelves are an echo chamber of sorts, especially compared to the huge range of perspectives in a library.

As a professional, I’ve come to feel that it’s that representation of differences in library collections that matters most. As you can imagine, I’ve read a lot and I’ve skimmed a lot, and I haven’t written much at all about it.

I don’t plan on reviewing as many books as I used to, and I won’t be accepting any advance reader copies or review copies of books anymore, but I look forward to reconnecting with you all and talking about books, material culture, Australia, and libraries!