A to Z Books Challenge

I have signed up for the Author version of the challenge: 26 books before December 31st, 26 authors, 26 names each beginning with a unique letter of the alphabet.  List arranged alphabetically, with dates of completion and links to reviews to come in time.

Austen, Jane (1818, 1994 reprint) Northanger Abbey Bloomsbury Books [Reading completes 9-12-2010, review posted 10-12-2010]

Barley, Nigel (1995) Dancing on the Grave John Murray [Reading complete 22-12-2010, review complete 29-12-2010]

Cornish, D.M., (2010) Monster Blood Tatoo: Factotum Scholastic Australia [completed 15-11-2010]

Davenport, Cyril, (1899) English Embroidered Bookbinding Project Gutenberg (book 17585) [completed 29-12-2010]

Eco, Umberto; Weaver, William trans., (1993; 1994 reprint) Misreadings Picador [completed 27-12-2010]

Fraser, George MacDonald, (1975) Flashman in the Great Game Pan [reading complete 25-12-2010, review completed 31-12-2010]

Gibson, William (1986, 2002 reprint) Burning Chrome Voyager (HarperCollins)[completed 26-12-2010]

Hornby, Nick, (2007), The Complete Polysyllabic Spree Penguin Books [completed 13-12-2010]

Ibbotson, Eva, (1975; 1988 reprint) The Great Ghost Rescue Piper (Pan Macmillan) [completed 26-12-2010]

Jones, Diana Wynne, 2010, Enchanted Glass HarperCollins [completed 20-11-2010]

Klein, Robin, (1983, 1991 reprint) People Might Hear You Penguin Books [completed 29-12-2010]

Laurie, Hugh, (1996; 1997 reprint) The Gun Seller Mandarin Books [completed 28-12-2010]

Moers, Walter; Brownjohn, John trans., (2007) The City of Dreaming Books [completed 31-12-2010]

Norrington, Leonie, (2003), The Spirit of Barrumbi Scholastic Australia [completed 01-12-2010]

Okakura, Kakuzo (1906) The Book of Tea Project Gutenberg 1997 (book 769) [completed 26-12-2010]

Pratchett, Terry (1997), Jingo Corgi Books [reading completed 23-12-2010, review completed 27-12-2010]

Quiller-Couch, Mabel (1914) Cornwall’s Wonderland Project Gutenberg 2008 (book 26755) [completed 23-12-2010]

Reichs, Kathy (1997) Déjà Dead [reading completed 8-12-2010, review completed 27-12-2010]

Sutcliffe, Rosemary (1959; 1981 reprint) The Lantern Bearers Puffin Books [reading completed 20-12-2010,review posted 24-12-2010]

Tanizaki, Junichirõ; Hibbett, Howard trans., (1961; 2004 reprint) The Key Vintage Books [reading completed 24-12-2010, review completed 29-12-2010]

Urann, C.A., Pringle, M.P., (1916) Yule-tide in Many Lands Project Gutenberg 2006 (book 18570) [completed 25-12-2010]

Virgil (Publius Vergilius Maro); Rieu, E.V. trans., (1961) The Pastoral Poems Penguin Classics [completed 7-12-2010]

Wace; Mason, E. trans., (c. 1155) Roman de Brut Project Gutenberg 2003 (book 10472)  [completed 19-11-2010]

Xenophon; Dakyns, H.G. trans., (1902-3?) Anabasis Project Gutenberg 2008 (book 1170) [reading complete 2-11-2010, review posted 10-12-2010]

Yamada, Taichi; Lammers, Wayne P. trans., 2005, Strangers Faber and Faber [completed 11-10-2010]

Zola, Émile, Vizetelly Alfred trans., 1901  Thérèse Raquin Project Gutenberg 2006 (book 6626) [completed 10-10-2010]


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