List of Archaeological Fiction

(* denotes books not yet read.  The list on this page is (currently very) a work in progress, and at times may contain incomplete or inaccurate publication information.  This is not intended as an academic bibliography, simply as a starting point for the curious reader.)

Fictional Archaeologists (All protagonists/central characters unless otherwise stated)

Asimov, Isaac Pebble in the Sky (Empire and Foundation Series Chronology) – (secondary character) Bel Arvardan

Cornell, Paul and BBC Dr Who The New Adventures series – Companion Bernice Summerfield

*Dent, L., Nanovic, J., Ralston, H., Doc Savage series – (secondary character) William Harper ‘Johnny’ Littlejohn

McSkimming, Geoffrey Cairo Jim Series – Cairo Jim

Griffiths, Elly (2010/1) The Janus Stone McLelland and Stewart – Ruth Galloway

Burkhart, Joely Sue (2010) The Bloodgate Guardian Carin Press – Jaid Merritt


Archaeological Background themes or references

*Cussler, Clive Dirk Pitt series – I have heard the protagonist is an archaeologist, but preliminary investigations suggest he trained in the military with no mention of any degree.  I shall do my best to give these books a try, and find out.

May, Julian The Saga of the Exiles/The Saga of Pilocene Exile series – Anthropologist and Palaeontologist characters, use of then accurate terminology

*Peters, Elizabeth The Amelia Peabody series – titular character is an Egyptologist

Biological Anthropolgy and Forensics (characters and themes)

Reichs, Kathy (1997) Déjà Dead – Temperance Brennan (and the further Brennan/Bones series)


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