List of Books Reviewed

This list is alphabetical by author.  This list is only temporary as I decide how to classify and sort fiction, non-fiction and specific genres within my books reviewed list.  Years published and publishing houses are from the volumes I read or (in the case of ebooks and creative commons books) the first press details.  Entries marked with a # symbol were reviewed as part of the A to Z books challenge

# Austen, Jane (1818, 1994 reprint) Northanger Abbey Bloomsbury Books

Avery, Ellis (2008) The Tea House Fire Vintage

# Barley, Nigel (1995) Dancing on the Grave John Murray

Barrow, John D. (2005) The Infinite Book Jonathan Cape

Bayard, Pierre., Mehlman, J. trans. (2008) How to Talk About Books You Haven’t Read Granta

Black, Holly., DiTerlizzi, Tony ills. (2004) The Spiderwick Chronicles Simon & Schuster

deBotton, Alain (2006) The Architecture of Happiness Pantheon Books

Burkhart, Joely Sue (2010) The Bloodgate Guardian Carin Press

Campbell, Fiona (2007) Death of a Salaryman Random House

leCarré, John (1994) The Night Manager Hodder & Stoughton (Coronet imprint)

Clarke, Susannah; Vess, Charles ills. (2006) The Ladies of Grace Adieu Bloomsbury

# Cornish, D.M., (2010) Monster Blood Tatoo: Factotum Scholastic Australia

Cornwell, Bernard (1995) The Winter King Penguin Books

Cornwell, Bernard (1997) Enemy of God Penguin Books

Dahlquist, D.W. (2006) The Glass Books of the Dream Eaters Random House

# Davenport, Cyril, (1899) English Embroidered Bookbinding Project Gutenberg (book 17585)

Doctorow, Cory (2010) Makers Harper Collins

Doyle, Arthur Conan, Paget, Sydney ills., (1984) The Illustrated Sherlock Holmes Treasury Guild Publishing
AND [in same review] (1986) The Celebrated Cases of Sherlock Holmes Octopus Books

# Eco, Umberto; Weaver, William trans., (1993; 1994 reprint) Misreadings Picador

Eco, Umberto (2006) The Mysterious Flame of Queen Loana Vintage

# Fraser, George MacDonald, (1975) Flashman in the Great Game Pan

Gemmel, Nikki (2004) Shiver: A Novel Random House (Books Alive edition)

# Gibson, William (1986, 2002 reprint) Burning Chrome Voyager

Griffiths, Elly (2010/1) The Janus Stone McLelland and Stewart

Haptie, Charlotte (2006) Otto in the Time of the Warrior Hodder

Harding, John (2006) One Big Damn Puzzler Black Swan

Hirsch, Odo, Kiuri, Inari ills. (2005) The Book of Changing Things and Other Oddibosities Allen & Unwin

# Hornby, Nick, (2007), The Complete Polysyllabic Spree Penguin Books

# Ibbotson, Eva, (1975; 1988 reprint) The Great Ghost Rescue Piper

# Jones, Diana Wynne, 2010, Enchanted Glass HarperCollins

# Klein, Robin, (1983, 1991 reprint) People Might Hear You Penguin Books

# Laurie, Hugh, (1996; 1997 reprint) The Gun Seller Mandarin Books

MacDonald, Helen (2005) Human Remains Melbourne University Press

McCann, Jim; Lee, Janet (2010) The Return of the Dapper Men Archaia Entertainment

# Moers, Walter; Brownjohn, John trans., (2007) The City of Dreaming Books

Murakami Haruki (2007) The Wind-up Bird Chronicle Vintage

# Norrington, Leonie, (2003), The Spirit of Barrumbi Scholastic Australia

# Okakura, Kakuzo (1906) The Book of Tea Project Gutenberg 1997 (book 769)

# Pratchett, Terry (1997), Jingo Corgi Books

# Quiller-Couch, Mabel (1914) Cornwall’s Wonderland Project Gutenberg 2008 (book 26755)

# Reichs, Kathy (1997) Déjà Dead

Rowling, J.K. (2008) The Tales of Beedle the Bard Bloomsbury

Saramago Jose (2009) Death at Intervals Vintage

# Sutcliffe, Rosemary (1959; 1981 reprint) The Lantern Bearers Puffin Books

# Tanizaki, Junichirõ; Hibbett, Howard trans., (1961; 2004 reprint) The Key Vintage Books

Thompson, Colin (2004) How to Live Forever Random House

# Urann, C.A., Pringle, M.P., (1916) Yule-tide in Many Lands Project Gutenberg 2006 (book 18570)

# Virgil (Publius Vergilius Maro); Rieu, E.V. trans., (1961) The Pastoral Poems Penguin Classics

# Wace; Mason, E. trans., (c. 1155) Roman de Brut Project Gutenberg 2003 (book 10472)

# Xenophon; Dakyns, H.G. trans., (1902-3?) Anabasis Project Gutenberg 2008 (book 1170)

# Yamada, Taichi; Lammers, Wayne P. trans., 2005, Strangers Faber and Faber

# Zola, Émile, Vizetelly Alfred trans., (1901)  Thérèse Raquin Project Gutenberg 2006 (book 6626)


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