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Woman hoarding stolen goods, including books

The Chifley Library at the Australian National...
Chifley Library, ANU by Nick-D via Wikipedia

At ABC news. A woman in my city was deemed unfit to plea because of her mental and emotional state. She had been hoarding stolen goods from shops, including books, which isn’t unheard of. But! She was also hoarding stolen books from Chifley Library, one of the main libraries I relied on as an undergraduate student.
Chifley library is the humanities library and contains a lot of the fun books on history, literature, film studies, philosophy, and of course classics and archaeology (Bianth in Hancock, other archaeology books in Menzies and the external repository). I don’t have any ill will towards this woman, but my heart broke at the thought of all those books. All those students, frustrated in their research. All those librarians, trying to be good but wondering if students had again nicked books to try and sell for cash. I hope they all get processed and home on their shelves safely.